We are in pursuit of a zero carbon grid worldwide. We seek to bring balance to the energy system by unlocking the full value of batteries and renewables with automation and optimisation.

Our approach enhances the return of these assets, inviting more investment and innovation into the industry. Our roots are in one of the most flexible electricity markets in the world. We benefit from beginning our journey owning and operating our own large scale battery, so we know from first-hand experience what it takes to develop and to truly add value to energy projects.

We have a deep understanding of the link between technical and commercial performance and we leverage that understanding for the benefit of grid operators, customers, consumers, and the world at large.

We pride ourselves on solving challenging technical problems. Our experiences include data science, software engineering, trading, finance, commercial leadership,  industrial engineering, operational management, high voltage infrastructure, electric vehicles and cutting-edge energy integration systems.

Arenko’s board of directors and leadership team has an immense amount of expertise building successful businesses.

We are motivated at Arenko to use these skills to accelerate the development of sustainable energy systems. Through a fundamentals approach and continuous improvement, we are shaping clean, affordable, resilient energy.




Chief Executive Officer and Board Member

Rupert founded Arenko in 2014 to build a world class energy storage business.

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Rupert Newland


Chief Technology Officer

Roger joined Arenko in 2015 to solve what he considers one of the greatest challenges facing humanity today: The rapid development of sustainable energy systems.

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Roger Hollies


Chief Operating Officer

 Mike is responsible for the development and delivery of the Arenko project portfolio, along with developing the operational strategy for growth, productivity and quality.

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Mike Richardson


Chief Commercial Officer

Jacob studied Economics and German at Willamette University, Oregon, USA. Prior to joining Arenko he led the sales and customer service teams selling the Tesla electric vehicle during a period of rapid growth and limited understanding of EV’s and their infrastructure.

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Jacob Monroe


Chief Financial Officer

Eddie is passionate about net zero and the energy transition and brings 18 years’ experience in energy and infrastructure across finance and investment banking.

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Eddie Siow


Arenko is supported by strategic investors, industry professionals and successful entrepreneurs.

For more information or to join our team, please contact us here.

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