10 November 2022

Arenko launches its sustainability strategy

Arenko, a leading technology provider enabling the clean energy transition, is pleased to announce the launch of its sustainability strategy.


  • Arenko is committed to being carbon neutral in scopes 1, 2 and 3 by 2023 to help tackle climate change, and demonstrate our commitment to accelerating the transition to net zero
  • Arenko is committed to diversity and inclusivity and is aiming to achieve 60% in its Diversity Index* across all levels and countries in the business by 2025
  • Arenko will continue to deliver transformative technology and has made a commitment to spend 20% of its profit on research & development (‘R&D’) annually

Arenko’s technology enables the energy transition, offering software that boosts the performance of renewable assets as well as delivering a solution to the variability of solar and wind. The Group will continue to invest in its technology to develop new products that enable its customers to maximise return from their assets, as well as contributing towards net zero and increasing energy security and energy affordability.

Arenko is also committed to empowering its people and is continuously expanding its search for new, diverse talent.

To find out more, the sustainability strategy can be found at https://arenko.group/sustainability

Eddie Siow, CFO and Chair of the Sustainability Committee, Arenko Group, said:

“As the chair of the sustainability committee, I am delighted to be launching our sustainability strategy. The transition to net zero is the challenge of our time. We have rigorously reviewed our business and have set clear milestones across our three focus areas: enabling net zero, empowering people and delivering transformative technology. Moving forward we are committed to delivering and disclosing our performance against our targets, and continuing to develop our sustainability strategy as a way of managing risk and delivering shareholder value.”


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