With ever-increasing complexity and diversification of asset portfolios, Nimbus-Performance increases the lifetime and performance of assets, giving our customers control over operational overheads as they invest more broadly in the energy transition.

Improve Asset Performance

  • Standardised workflows across all energy transition asset types and manufacturer.
  • Extend the lifetime of your assets with guardrails for warranty management & analysis.
  • Reduce time to issue resolution through configurable alerting and rapid diagnostics.

Strategic Investment Decision Making

  • High resolution of site performance enabling significant improvements.
  • Improved technical providers and manufacturing investment decision making.
  • Make informed decisions on site augmentations and portfolio growth with component level performance data.

Operational Control

  • Reduce OPEX whilst facilitating rapid asset portfolio growth.
  • Budget control for site upgrades and maintenance.
  • Holding all technology providers and counterparties to account.

Key features

Asset Operations

  • Centralised LIVE asset monitoring and notification system
  • Standardised asset maintenance and constraints scheduling
  • Asset site map and log book
  • Integration with existing trading workflows and back-office reporting.

Asset Analysis

  • LIVE asset performance KPIs / dashboards
  • Predictive performance analysis and insights
  • Technical vs Financial impact analysis and dashboards.


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