Simplify your trading workflow and manage large portfolios of assets without needing to significantly scale up your trading team.

Maximise profits

  • Retain 100% upside revenue
  • Minimise OPEX and people costs as your trading portfolio grows
  • Increase asset revenues through extensive market access, automation and machine learning forecasts.

Simplify operations

  • Trade 24/7 without out of hours shift cover
  • Maintain grid operator compliance
  • Reduce internal IT cost and risk.

Key features

  • Access to Arenko’s machine learning models and predictors
  • Automated generation of bids & offers in each operational market
  • Access to: UK wholesale markets (via EPEX), UK Balancing Mechanism, and UK ancillary services including FFR and DC, DM, DR
  • Automated or manual creation of asset schedules
  • Automated asset dispatch
  • Asset monitoring and alerting
  • Extensive, customisable reporting
  • Access to data via APIs.


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