Removing the complexity, cost to serve and cost to manage for our customers who control, dispatch, and monitor energy storage assets. Integrates with all battery providers, optimisers and with Arenko’s third party software developers.

Maintain ownership

  • Full data access and ownership to maintain competitive edge
  • Commoditised asset data and capabilities for customers and their partners to leverage innovative technology ecosystems.

Increase revenues

  • Self adjusting system to protect against committed trading positions in the event of issues such as asset, software or network outages.

Reduce costs

  • Improve operational processes
  • Free choice of BESS technology and optimisers without increasing operational overheads
  • Simplify supplier base with a single solution that caters for all asset sites – from complex legacy sites to modern simplified sites.

Key features

  • An ‘off the shelf’ asset model that enables intelligent trading decision making – based on each asset’s unique delivery profile
  • High resolution, low latency asset data and metering
  • Asset scheduling of power responses for contracted bids
  • Automated and sophisticated control of the asset during dispatch, including during a partial system loss
  • Configurable asset parameters for intelligent asset operations, such as individual curtailment curves
  • Asset maintenance and monitoring capabilities
  • Highly available, secure, and redundant systems in the event of network outages
  • Access to standardised asset data and functions via an API.


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