13 May 2022

Arenko optimises first co-located battery on a wind farm in the UK

Arenko, a leading software platform provider to the energy market, is pleased to announce that it has entered live operations with Vattenfall’s 22MW / 16 MWh battery, which is co-located at the 228MW Pen y Cymoedd Wind Farm in South Wales, following the completion of its Enhanced Frequency Response (“EFR”) contract in February 2022.

The site is the first battery storage facility in the UK to be co-located at a wind farm site, allowing it to benefit from using the existing wind farm grid export connection. It consists of 500 BMW i3 automotive battery packs housed in five shipping containers and was one of the eight projects selected by National Grid to provide the EFR until February 2022.

Arenko is the first company to optimise a storage asset co-located with a wind farm in the UK. Arenko has repurposed the asset to be optimised into wholesale, day-ahead and intraday markets.  Arenko is using its cloud-based optimisation software, Nimbus, to forecast market conditions, perform millions of simulations per day to optimise trading decisions across markets, and then securely and autonomously dispatch stored energy from the asset. This complete solution results in increased return on investment  for asset owners and streamlined portfolio growth for flexible assets on an energy grid in which decisions have to be made with ever- increasing speed.

Arenko aims to be the market leader providing complete end-to-end trade optimisation and automated dispatch software to maximise returns on co-located assets. Arenko’s technology continues to aid its customers by enabling the flexibility required to support the global transition to a zero-carbon grid.

Rupert Newland, Founder and CEO of Arenko Group, said:

“We are delighted to start delivering on our contract with Vattenfall, one of Europe’s leading energy groups. It’s been a great opportunity to demonstrate the efficacy and power of our technology on a co-located asset.”

Jake Dunn, Commercial Manager at Vattenfall, said:

“At Vattenfall, our goal is to enable fossil fuel free living within one generation. We are determined to help this energy transition not just through renewable generation but also supporting grid stability through co located battery storage projects. Now the EFR contract has come to an end, the battery will move to a more diverse range of ancillary services and we are grateful to be assisted in this by the market leading expertise of Arenko.”

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