03 August 2021

Arenko signs software licence agreement

Arenko, a leading software platform provider to the global energy asset automation market, is pleased to announce the signing of a new software licence agreement with a listed energy infrastructure company. The customer will use Arenko’s complete end-to-end trade optimisation and automated dispatch software on its UK trading desk.

Arenko’s cloud-based optimisation software forecasts market conditions, performs millions of simulations per day to optimise trading decisions across markets, and then securely dispatches zero-carbon energy assets. This complete solution results in increased ROI for asset owners and streamlined portfolio growth for flexible assets on a grid in which decisions must be made with ever-increasing speed.

This customer is the first software licensee to benefit from Arenko’s deep technical expertise and commitment to accessing new markets quickly and seamlessly, on which Arenko built its reputation. The partnership will see Arenko optimising a growing portfolio of the customer’s batteries over the next two years.

Arenko looks forward to growing the partnership as its customer executes on its impressive development pipeline.

This is yet another step in Arenko helping to enable a global transition to a zero-carbon future.

Rupert Newland, Founder and CEO of Arenko Group, said:

“We are delighted to sign this major software deal which opens up the global software market for Arenko. Our technology is enabling the flexibility required for energy companies to access and deliver all of the capabilities of their flexible assets. We look forward to delivering this contract and many others as the software partner of choice for asset owners and operators who are supporting the transition to a zero carbon grid.”

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