17 October 2023

Arenko’s enterprise software goes live at new co-located battery and wind site for Vattenfall

Arenko, the leading enterprise software provider improving the performance of batteries and renewables, are delighted to announce it has begun optimising its second battery co-located with a wind farm for Vattenfall.

This battery is located near Otterburn in Northumberland and consists of a 20MW/45.5MWh Fluence battery system co-located on the same site alongside the Vattenfall owned Ray 54.4MW wind farm.

Co-located projects, where batteries and renewables need to operate harmoniously on the same site, represent a major growth area globally in pursuit of net zero, but present a complex set of challenges.

Key commercial bottlenecks for co-located sites have been unblocked by Arenko’s Nimbus software to maximise the output of both the battery and wind at the same time, including:

  • Integrating live wind generation predictions and live generation data from the wind farm to enable AI driven optimisation.
  • Automation uses predictions at the day ahead and intra-day stage to bid into markets and live generation data to correct for variations against the predictions automatically in real time.
  • Precision control and dispatch of the battery, to maximise impact and revenue into power trading and ancillary services markets.
  • Providing high level of data and control for asset owners, helping to stabilise the grid when there is variability in the renewable energy output.

Arenko’s cloud-based Nimbus software successfully went live at the site on 27th September 2023 and operations will be overseen by Arenko on behalf of Vattenfall. This represents the completion of a significant development programme at Arenko to combine the management of variable renewable generation with its widely used, industry leading, battery software.

In addition to this site, Arenko’s Nimbus software already optimises the Pen y Cymoedd battery system co-located on 228MW wind farm for Vattenfall and will go live on its first co-located solar plus storage project later this year.

Rupert Newland, Founder and CEO of Arenko, said: “Arenko has solved many major technical challenges associated with co-locating batteries and renewables on the same site, paving the way for a faster global rollout of these combined sites and maximising the financial performance of these assets.

We are delighted to be working with Vattenfall on this exciting project who have been pioneers in co-location of these assets. Going live at this site represents a major step forward for the industry and we expect this site to be a blueprint for future co-located assets globally.”

Kyle Philpott, Project Developer at Vattenfall, said: “We are delighted to be working with Arenko again, with a contract to optimise our Battery@Ray project.

“As the UK moves to net zero and our electricity requirements increase, local and regional solutions for storing and using electricity, are becoming increasingly important.”

About Arenko
Arenko is a market-leading technology provider enabling the clean energy transition. Our technology enhances the return of batteries and renewables and opens the industry to more investment and innovation. Our mission is to build a sustainable future by enabling a zero-carbon grid worldwide. https://arenko.group/

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