Commitment to Continuous Improvement in Information Security



At Arenko, we recognise the critical importance of protecting our valuable information assets and ensuring the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of our data. We are committed to maintaining a robust information security program that safeguards our systems, applications, and sensitive information from evolving threats and vulnerabilities. Our commitment to continuous improvement is paramount in achieving this goal.

Our Approach to Continuous Improvement

We embrace continuous improvement as a fundamental principle of our information security management system (ISMS). This approach involves a proactive and ongoing effort to identify, evaluate, and implement enhancements to our security posture. We recognize that the ever-changing cybersecurity landscape requires us to stay agile and adapt our strategies accordingly.

Key Pillars of Our Continuous Improvement Initiatives

Our continuous improvement initiatives are anchored on the following key pillars:

Rigorous Risk Assessment and Management: We regularly assess our security risks and implement appropriate controls to mitigate potential threats. We continuously monitor and update our risk assessment as the threat landscape evolves.

Thorough Training and Awareness: We invest in comprehensive training and awareness programs to educate our employees on cybersecurity best practices. This includes regular training on password management, phishing prevention, and social engineering awareness.

Effective Auditing and Review: We conduct periodic internal audits and external assessments to evaluate the effectiveness of our ISMS. This process identifies areas for improvement and drives corrective actions.

Up-to-date Technology and Solutions: We continuously evaluate and adopt the latest security technologies and solutions to enhance our overall security posture. We prioritize the use of robust security tools and practices.

Collaborative Partnerships: We foster strong partnerships with our IT vendors, service providers, and industry peers to share knowledge and expertise in combating cybersecurity threats.

Measuring Our Success

We regularly measure the effectiveness of our continuous improvement initiatives by tracking key security metrics, such as incident rates, compliance adherence, and employee awareness scores. This data provides valuable insights into the effectiveness of our security measures and helps us identify areas for further improvement.

Transparency and Accountability

We commit to maintaining transparency and accountability in our cybersecurity practices. We regularly report on our security posture and incidents to our stakeholders, including our board of directors, employees, and customers. This open communication fosters trust and demonstrates our commitment to safeguarding information assets.


At Arenko we are committed to a culture of continuous improvement in information security. We believe that by embracing this mindset, we can effectively protect our data, maintain our reputation, and support our business growth. Our ongoing dedication to cybersecurity will contribute to a secure and trusted environment for our employees, customers, and stakeholders.