Nimbus Operating System

Nimbus, Arenko’s proprietary software platform works with all batteries and renewable energy assets


Uses proprietary AI developed price engines that can also integrate customer’s own price forecasting tools

Optimise & Stack

Optimisation engine reasons the strategies to return the highest profit across multiple markets and future timescales

Unlocks the powerful embedded optionality contained within battery storage assets

Big & Schedule

Determines bid prices and submits to relevant market mechanisms

Schedules trading instructions on acceptance

Dispatch & Settle

Dispatches assets through proprietary control systems technology across multiple markets

Settles transactions and trades once executed

Digital trade reconciliation and financial performance monitoring

Asset Management

High frequency reporting and analysis of asset condition, state of charge and degradation status

Provides alerting if asset condition varies outside of tolerances

Available to third parties

Report & Analyse

Consolidates data streams and asset performance information to provide performance reporting and analysis available to asset owners via a proprietary cloud platform

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