10 December 2019

Arenko quoted in National Grid Business plan

Arenko Group, a leading battery software services provider to the multi-billion-dollar battery automation market, is pleased to announce that its Chief Product Officer, Andy Hadland was quoted in National Grid’s business plan for 2021-23.

Andy, who leads Arenko’s vision and strategy for the Company’s software products, said: “National Grid ESO’s processes and systems were designed for human-speed, but these both need to mature to match the speed of new energy technologies”.

In the paper, National Grid sets out why energy technology is the key to their ambitions and is embedded within their organisational strategy. National Grid plan to advance their use and integration of technologies to enable the running of a carbon free network. As part of this, they plan to support access for an even wider range of generation, demand and service providers such as Arenko.

Rupert Newland, CEO and Founder of Arenko, said:

“It is good to see National Grid reference Arenko in their upcoming business plan. We believe our software could be transformational for the efficiency of the UK grid and other grids worldwide.”

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