30 January 2020

Battery completes first full year of operation – outperforms closest peer by 65%

Arenko Group, a leading battery software services provider to the multi-billion-dollar battery automation market, is pleased to announce that its 41MW/MWh battery located in Birmingham, UK, has completed its first year of operation.


  • Battery outperformed closest peer by 65% in the balancing mechanism
  • 15GWh export and 19GWh import in the year from 23rd January 2019.

The battery, which Arenko believes is the largest single-room battery in the world, has demonstrated Arenko’s modular software platform. The battery is a fully merchant battery system optimised across multiple traded and ancillary service markets.

The software platform joined with the battery is the only fully automated system balancing the UK grid.

Rupert Newland, Founder and CEO, said:

“We are delighted to have completed our first full year of operation. The battery has proven that our software platform delivers a market leading performance in its role to fully automate the balancing of the grid. In 2019, the system outperformed the nearest comparable software by 65%. We believe it will enable clients to boost investment returns by maximising revenues and minimising costs.”

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