Samuel Carter

Head of IT

Samuel is a seasoned, data-driven technology leader with over two decades of industry experience. He primarily focuses on enhancing business efficiency through the continual simplification of solutions. Driving for the fewest moving parts to achieve operational excellence, where invisible technology is the goal.

Samuel previously, dedicated nine years to Innocent Drinks, spearheading the transformation of its global IT Operation into a highly respected and efficient solutions provider. Allowing the small start-up from Northwest London to grow into a £Bn enterprise. In his role as Head of IT Operations, he oversaw the evolution of all IT functions, managed office builds and relocations across Europe, introduced cutting-edge technologies, and ensured adherence to compliance and security regulations.

As the founder of Sharebee, he nurtured a planet-positive enterprise from its inception. Sharebee operates as a platform dedicated to everyday carbon reduction and community-building among its participants. Samuel has a dive to deliver technology for good to help undo the damage we have cause our planet.